Status Board Log

Status Board

Status Board was started to support the New Jersey Army National Guard (NJARNG) prepare for a major inspection. My wife was given responsibility to help the Chief of Staff (CoS) and advise him on preparing for the inspection in Feb 2003.

My wife asked if I could help by doing a database to track unit status. I took on the project to help her and I got everyone to agree that it would be released GPL.

The basics of the project are to provide a web front end to a list of questions (20 areas with 10 to 50 questions per area). The users select one of four responses:
  • Green - Fully prepared to pass inspection in this area.
  • Yellow - Partially prepared to pass this question. Need more work
  • Red - Will not pass, or no work done yet in this area.
  • NA - This question does not apply to my unit

The idea is to get green across the board. Users and selected visitors will be able to run reports (I plan to have an export to CVS feature also).

The technology underpinning this is all Open Source.

I am also doing the original work on Linux. The project will be initially deployed on an HP-UX box on the NJARNG Intranet.

My goal is to have this work on *nix system and deploy by using:

     perl Makefile.PL
     make test
     make install

That is the goal. We will see what happens.

Please visit and use the system. Comments, developers, testers etc. are all welcome.

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